Using simplified reading for learning languages

Using simplified reading for learning languages

ELI Graded Readers

I discovered the graded readers when I was preparing for a language exam. Now I present to you my favorite, the ELI Graded Readers series.

ELI Publishing is an Italian publisher that has been teaching languages for over forty years. They organize language school courses, prepare activity books and arrange teachers’ resources for schools; prepare language games and publish magazines and graded readers texts in five languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish).

The Graded Readers series includes well-known literary works abbreviated, reworked, or even in their entirety. Each work is rewrote in its original style and the text is complemented with beautiful illustrations, thematic assignments, audio material, and curiosities about the author and the era in which the work originated. The booklets are sorted by age (young learners, teenagers, and young adult) and vocabulary (from 100 words to 2,500 words or unabridged text) so everyone can find reading to suit their tastes and language level. In addition to the five languages mentioned above, we can also choose from texts in Chinese and Russian. Booklets can also be purchased in bookstores or online.

In addition to ELI publications, Klett Publishing, CLE International (French) and HarperCollins (Collins Readers) also offer simplified readings to language learners. In the latter, for example, we can read stories of Agatha Christie. A few years ago, Bilingual Classics also appeared at Kossuth Publishing House. Here, in addition to the original text (usually short stories), the story could also be read in Hungarian.