Middle grade series

Middle grade series

In this series, I will write about book series that are already popular abroad and (I hope) they will be or are already popular in Hungary as well.

Jamie Littler: Frostheart (Puffin Books in Penguin Random House 2019, 2020)

Shortly after his publication in English, the first book of the debut middle grade series of Jamie Littler, who had been working as an illustrator (and illustrated for example Enid Blyton’s books, among others), was published in Hungarian also. The fantasy dystopian story takes place on an all-ice planet (polar fantasy) where we can follow Ash’s adventures. In addition to the nice illustrations, it is recommended for slightly older kids. The book reminded me a bit about Mad Max and Waterworld. The third book will be published in this September. I’m looking forward to the next adventure…

Michelle Harrison: A Pinch of Magic (Widdershins Adventures Trilogy) (Simon & Schuster Ltd. 2019)

A year after publishing in English, the story was already available in Hungarian. This is the writer’s second middle grade series. By the way, her first book (The Thirteen Treasures: the first volume of another trilogy) won the prestigious Waterstones Children’s Book Prize in 2009. In the story of A Pinch of Magic, a family curse, magical objects and the importance of the family play the main roles.

I want to show a lot more series, so it will be continued…