Nevermoor – The „wundrous” adventures of Morrigan Crow

Nevermoor – The „wundrous” adventures of Morrigan Crow

Jessica Townsend: Nevermoor

Jessica Townsend: Wundersmith

Jessica Townsend: Hollowpox

Orion Children’s Books in Hachette Children’s Group 2017, 2018, 2020

In June, at the same time as the paperback edition in English, the third book of the popular Nevermoor series entitled Hollowpox will be published in Hungarian. In English, the long-awaited new volume (hardback) was published in September 2020 in Australia and then in October in the UK and America.

The protagonist of the series is Morrigan Crow, a cursed child who is destined to die on her 11th birthday. But on the eve of the sad day, a mysterious stranger appears who asks her if she wanted to live? The little girl, of course, doesn’t say no and that’s when her new life begins in a hitherto unknown different world, Nevermoor. In my opinion, the book opened a new era in the so-called portal fantasy genre and balances well on the border of being exciting and scary, making it impossible to put down. (The writer also drew my attention to other Australian writers to whom I would like to dedicate a separate post in the future.)

The publicity surrounding the first book didn’t miss me either, so I read it in Hungarian and couldn’t put it down… I bought the second volume and then read the books in English as well. While I was waiting for the third volume, I started reading other middle grade books and you can see the results of this on the blog.

In an interview with OwlCrate Junior (who dedicated a special issue to Hollowpox), the author said she plans nine books in the series, with 3 larger units containing 3 books, so this volume is the closing of the first unit. She also said that she had been most anticipated writing the fourth part since the writing the first book. We are also looking forward to it…