About Me

My name is Boglárka Döncző.

In 2019, I’ve read Nevermoor in Hungarian (Kolibri Publishing). That’s how it all started…

I’ve always liked reading everything from a writer, but since Jessica Townsend only had two books published at the time, I finished very quickly. After that, I also read them in English, but when that happened, I couldn’t decide how to spend the next one year waiting for the third book in the series. So, I started reading other middle grade books and there was no stopping from there. I completely fell in love with these books and now I decided to write about them as well.

I present books published in Hungarian and English. If you love middle grades, I recommend my posts, if middle grade wasn’t your type of genre so far, then soon it will be! (Not only children’s books, not only for kids.)

I would like to share some stories, information about the books and their authors as well, and I will only write a very short recommendation about the piece as not to reveal any important detail from the plot.

Enjoy reading!