Magical adventures are a suitcase away

Magical adventures are a suitcase away

L. D. Lapinski: The Strangeworlds Travel Agency (Orion Children’s Books 2020)

L. D. Lapinski: The Strangeworlds Travel Agency – The Edge of the Ocean (Orion Children’s Books 2021)

Many people say there is no magic in the world at all. But it could also be that we just don’t notice it or look carefully enough. However, the Strangeworlds Travel Agency, run by Jonathan Mercator, is a truly magical place. With the suitcases here, we cannot travel to faraway countries, but to faraway worlds.

When 12-year-old Felicity (Flick) Hudson moves from the bustling city to the quiet Little Wyverns to finally live in a house with a garden instead of a flat, she’s not as happy about it as her parents are. Looking around the small town, she enters the Strangeworlds Travel Agency and her life changes in one fell swoop: she joins the Society, which deals with mapping and conserving different worlds. This portal fantasy story shows the interesting worlds very vividly, however, the author also describes the characters very well. The main point of the story is how important our family and friendships are.

L. D. Lapinski lives near the Sherwood Forest with her family, lots of books and a cat. She has been writing stories since she was 7 years old, Strangeworlds Travel Agency is her first book series. The series has won several awards and has already been translated to 14 languages. The second volume, The Edge of the Ocean, was released this year, and the third volume, The Secrets of the Stormforest, is expected next year.

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