The Uncommoners

The Uncommoners

Jennifer Bell: The Crooked Sixpense (Penguin Random House 2016)

Jennifer Bell: The Smoking Hourglass (Penguin Random House 2017)

Jennifer Bell: The Frozen Telescope (Penguin Random House 2018)

As a child, Jennifer Bell preferred listening to stories than reading. She loved films and wanted to be a film director, so she spent all her free time in the cinema, and she studied Film at the University of Kent after high school. After graduating from university, she was gifted the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini, which was the first book she really enjoyed. From then, she read lots of books and started working at the famous Foyles bookstore, where she specialized in children’s books. She wrote her debut novel, the first volume in The Uncommoners series here during the lunch breaks. Today, she works full-time as a children’s author.

After the accident of their grandmother, Ivy and her brother, Seb, returning home from the hospital, find a strange message in the rummaged kitchen. They will have to flee soon, so they will get to the special market of Lundinor under London, where nothing is what it seems. Here, common objects can have uncommon properties. Ivy and Seb embark on more peculiar adventures while discovering dark secrets in Lundinor’s world. The author has a strong movie background because I saw the scenes in front of me while reading. I think that very good movies or series can be made from the trilogy. The beautiful covers and chapter illustrations are the works of Karl James Mountford, whom you can read more about here.

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