The incredible train

The incredible train

P. G. Bell: The Train to Impossible Places (Usborne Publishing 2018)

P. G. Bell: The Great Brain Robbery (Usborne Publishing 2019)

P. G. Bell: Delivery to the Lost City (Usborne Publishing 2020)

P. G. Bell was born and grew up in South Wales and raised in Greek mythology, ghost stories and Doctor Who. He had all sorts of jobs from a lifeguard to a roller coaster operator (no joking), but he was always most interested in writing. The Train to Impossible Places is his debut series for children which have won numerous children’s book awards since then.

Suzy was always realist, and physics is her favorite subject at school. Now, however, something happened to her that could not be explained: a huge train arrived in her living room! And it is not an ordinary train: this is a magical delivery express to the Impossible Places. Suzy gets the chance and joins the trolls who work on the train to help them deliver the shipments, but makes a huge mistake on her first mission …

This is a very nice and exciting story with unexpected twists and interesting characters. I really like books where not everyone look like what they are and there are plenty of such characters here. I liked the third part of the trilogy best: here a special shipment is causing chaos throughout the Impossible Places universe, so it needs to be delivered immediately. The only problem is that the addressee is in a long lost city …

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