Flavia Sorrentino Readathon – Book recommendations

Flavia Sorrentino Readathon – Book recommendations

Full of colors – A picture book

Molly Brooks: Sanity and Tallulah (Little, Brown Ink 2018)

I have just read Molly Brooks’ book, in which we can follow the daily lives of two girls on a small space station far from everything. You will soon be able to read about it on BogiWrites. The special feature of the graphic novel is that its illustrations consist only of blue and red colors. The second part of the series will be published in Hungarian this year (a total of 3 volumes have been published in English so far). This book could also be good for the ‘New Beginning’ prompt.

A new beginning – The first book in a series

Amelia Mellor: The Grandest Bookshop in the World (Affirm Press 2020)

Pearl and Vally Cole live in a magical bookstore, the Cole’s Book Arcade, where every day promises new wonders. However, their ideal life comes to an end when they realize that their father put the Arcade and his own life at risk due to a diabolical exchange. That’s when their magical adventures begin. The second volume of the series will be published in Hungarian this month. It can also be good for completing the ‘Fantasy’ prompt, although the Cole’s Book Arcade really existed.

The shadows of the night – A spooky book

Benjamin Read – Laura Trinder: Midnight Hour (Chicken House 2019)

This is one of my favorite book series, so you have already read a lot about it on BogiWrites. Emily finds herself in another world, the Midnight Hour, a frozen Victorian version of London. However, in a city teeming with strange creatures, the girl finds herself facing a danger that threatens not only her parents, but the entire world. The series can also be good for the ‘Fantasy’ prompt, and its second volume for the ‘Sequel’. Unfortunately, the final book of the series is not yet available in Hungarian.

Mythical beasts – A fantasy

Dominique Valente: Starfell – Willow Moss and the Lost Day (HarperCollins Publishers 2020)

For those who know BogiWrites, I don’t need to introduce the Starfell series. This is my absolute favorite. Willow Moss’ story is special because it shows that to save the world we don’t need to have great magical powers, but rather to be willing to try at all. The book is also good for the ‘Full of colors’ prompt, because it is filled with beautiful illustrations by Sarah Warburton, and it can also be used to complete the ‘New Beginning’ prompt. The series (unfortunately only) has four volumes and the second one will soon be available in Hungarian.

Crimes – A mystery

Robin Stevens: Arsenic For Tea (Puffin Books 2016)

This is the first crime series by Robin Stevens, the children’s Agatha Christie. You do not have to read the books in order, because although previous investigations are mentioned, they do not reveal anything about the solutions. The main characters of the story are Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, who attend Deepdean School for Girls. In addition to their studies, they founded the Wells and Wong Detective Agency, which sheds light on various dangerous and mysterious cases in total secrecy. The series started in 2014 and nine novels and two volumes of short stories were published. The third book will be published in Hungarian this month. The first volume is good for ‘A New Beginning’ and this second volume for the ‘Sequel’ prompt.

More adventures – A Sequel

Jennifer Chambliss Bertman: The Alcatraz Escape (Henry Holt & Company 2018)

The main protagonist of the Book Scavenger trilogy, Emily, plays a game in which books can be found by solving puzzles and then hide them again (the game has been made since then). The inventor of the game, Garrison Griswold, is creating a new challenge this time: participants must escape from the Alcatraz prison. This time, Emily and her friends have to solve not only the puzzles of the game, but also an old mystery in the concluding part of the trilogy.