Flavia Sorrentino Readathon TBR

Flavia Sorrentino Readathon TBR

Full of colors – A picture book

Lucie Hoornaert: La Grande et Folle Histoire des vêtements (The Great and Crazy Story of Clothing* Marmaille et compagnie 2018)

I noticed the book because of Flavia Sorrentino’s illustrations, in which we can follow the history of clothing in time (from prehistoric times to the present day) and in space (in Europe and around the world). We can learn about different materials and patterns, styles and why we like to dress up. An ideal read for children and language learners, which is a work of art in itself because of the drawings.

A new beginning – The first book in a series

Justyn Edwards: The Great Fox Illusion (Walker Books 2022)

The Great Fox, the world-famous illusionist, has died. Now they are looking for his successor as part of a TV show. Flick Lions also gets the chance to enter the competition, but she also has a much more important reason for the competition: at the time, the Great Fox destroyed her family. Flick is now looking for the Biggest Trick to reunite her family.

The shadows of the night – A spooky book

Lisi Harrison – Daniel Kraus: Graveyard Girls (Union Square Kids 2022)

Whisper, Frannie, Sophie, Gemma and Zuzu, five friends who tell spooky tales at night while trying to survive school dramas during the day. In Misery Falls, Oregon, it’s the 100th anniversary of the execution of the town’s most infamous killer, Silas Hoke, and the town is burning in fever. Then a mysterious message leads the girls to the cemetery. To the exact place, where Silas Hoke is buried. Can anything be creepier than this…

Mythical beasts – A fantasy

Cerrie Burnell: Wilder Than Midnight (Puffin Books 2022)

Silverthorne is a mysterious place with winding roads, thorny forests and a mysterious castle. In the book, the stories of three girls are interwoven: Saffy, a little girl from the village, who always follows the rules; Aurelia is locked in the tower of the castle; And Wild Rose was raised by wolves. Together, they could change Silverthorne forever. Their destinies intertwine like the thorny branches of the dark forests.

Crimes – A mystery

Sylvia Bishop: The Midnight Thief (Scholastic 2021)

Freya Robinson is a student at a prestigious boarding school. She doesn’t like it because she doesn’t find enough miracles in it. She preferred to live with her archaeologist father, but when he found all seven legendary Eldrida Dragons, the statues featured in Anglo-Saxon legends, he decided that his daughter would receive a proper education. Freya is not liked by her schoolmates and the headmistress. Her situation is not too rosy, as breaking the rules is part of her everyday life. However, one bat changes everything. Or maybe the Dragons are responsible for this turn of the story?

More adventures – A Sequel

Ally Carter: Winterborne Home for Mayhem and Mystery (Orchard Books 2021)

April is one of five extraordinary children who live at Winterborne Home, a castle full of secrets. The biggest secret was hidden by the owner of the house, their millionaire guardian, Gabriel Winterborne, but now he has disappeared and his rivals would like to take the castle from the children. April must decide how hard she is willing to fight for her new-found family.

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