Flavia Sorrentino Readathon

Flavia Sorrentino Readathon

The next BogiWrites Readathon just started!

This year the theme of the Readathon is the works of my favorite illustrator, Flavia Sorrentino. There are six prompts to complete during the Readathon. You can complete each challenge with a separate book or with one book if you meet all six conditions. You don’t have to do it with books illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino, but I will.

The reading challenges are:

            Full of colors – A picture book

            A new beginning – The first book in a series

            The shadows of the night – A spooky book

            Mythical beasts – A fantasy

            Crimes – A mystery

            More adventure – A sequel

The prompts are not strict. An illustrated book can be a novel, a graphic novel, a fairy tale or a children’s book. You can read any series, and the sequel does not have to be the second volume of a series. With fantasy and mystery, the choice is yours, and a spooky book means something different to everyone.

The Readathon runs throughout July.

I will be back soon with book recommendations and my own TBR list. Enjoy reading!