Summer TBR 2024

Summer TBR 2024

James Ponti: City Spies 3. – Forbidden City (Aladdin 2022)

The teenage agents also start their summer vacation at school, but they can’t rest, because they’re going on a new mission. Except for Brooklyn, who has to attend summer school to make up for her shortcomings. Meanwhile, the others are sent to Moscow and Beijing to take part in a chess tournament and accompany a millionaire’s daughter.

Rafal Kosik: Felix, Net and Nika and the Gang of Invisible People*

In the Polish author’s book, we can follow the adventures of the inventor Félix, the computer genius Net and the bookworm Nika. This is an impossible story about friendship, treasures, ghosts, crazy inventions, artificial intelligence, robots, UFOs and, last but not least, the fantastic everyday life of three teenagers.

Natalie Lloyd: A Snicker of Magic (Turtleback Books 2015)

Felicity has a special ability: she can see words. Sometimes they have wings, but they can also be zebra-striped. Felicity has lived in many places, but there is one word she has never seen before: home. The eleven-year-old girl is already tired of constant traveling. It’s hard to make friends when you’re always on the go. But when the family’s greenish-brown car rolls into Midnight Gulch, our protagonist feels that maybe something can change now. After all, according to legends, this mysterious place was once full of magic. Then a curse banished the miracle. Or did it?

Marie Basting: My Family and Other Romans (Chicken House 2023)

Silvia Fortuna Juno De Luca is an unusual girl: half average teenage girl, half god. Yes, a real Roman god. However, the real adventures begin when her father accidentally travels back to antiquity while reenacting an ancient battle at Hadian’s Wall. And Silvia goes after him to bring him back.

*my translation