Australian authors

Australian authors

I have written before about Australian authors and their works (Jessica Townsend, Jaclyn Moriarty, Jacqueline Harvey). I have brought more authors this time.

Anna and Barbara Fienberg: Tashi (Allen & Unwin 1995)

When Anna Fienberg was a child, her mother, Barbara, read many tales to her. Now they’re co-writing Tashi’s stories so the kids can go through more and more adventures with the little elf and his best friend Jack. Now, more than 20 books and related activities have been published in more than 1 million copies. The tales are brought to life by the illustrations of Kim Gamble.

Andy Griffiths: The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow (Pan Macmillan Australia 2008)

Andy Grriffiths has won more than 30 children’s book awards in Australia. With Terry Denton, he has worked on more than 10 children’s books. In this story, we can follow the adventures of Keith, Ed and Daisy and some big fat cows, through short passages, poems and illustrations. Ideal reading for both younger readers and English learners.

Rod Clement: Feathers for Phoebe (Angus & Robertson 2010)

Rod Clement is one of Australia’s leading picture book writers/illustrators. In this story, Phoebe, the little gray bird, struggles to get attention. To do this, she chooses striking feathers for herself. Of course, in the end it turns out that it is not up to herr appearance to find her place in the world.

Andy Lee: Do Not Open This Book (Lake Press 2016)

This book was originally made for the nephew of Andy Lee, an Australian comedian, for his first birthday, but when the author wanted to print it out, his friend asked him if it could be printed in multiple copies instead. That’s how it started. Since then, it has become a book series with several learning aids.

Nick Croydon and Petra Brown: Coming Home (QBD Books 2018)

The issue of emigration appears in this book, as Luke and Holly, the two little squirrels, are left alone because their parents emigrate to America in the hope of finding work. The two little squirrels were raised separately, but later they decide to reunite the family. The Hyde Park Squirrels series has four volume so far.

Sally Rippin. Billie B Mysteries (Hardie Grant Egmont 2019)

Sally Rippin is Australia’s highest-selling female author. She has written more than 50 books for children and young adults. Billie B books are beloved across the globe: they have sold over 5 million copies in 18 countries and are currently being adapted to television. Billie Brown has founded a secret detective club with her friends, and they have to uncover a lot of mysteries. You can read two of these mysteries in this book.

Peter Hellar: Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase (Hardie Grant Egmont 2017)

Australian comedian Peter Helliar lives in Melbourne with his family and he wants to be the first person to travel in time. In the meantime, we can follow the adventures of his protagonist Francis (Frankie) Fish, who has to give up a trip with his best friend after a bad school prank and spend the summer with his grandfather instead. However, this summer promises incredible adventures. Volume 6 of the Frankie Fish series was released in August this year.

Dorothy Wall: The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill (First published by Angus & Robertson 1939)

Dorothy Wall was born in New Zealand and later lived and worked mainly in Australia. She became best known as the creator of Blinky Bill. She was the author and illustrator also of the three Blinky Bill books. The little koala is one of Australia’s most popular children’s book characters who was a born troublemaker. The lovely stories have a deep lesson: they call attention to the hunting of animals for no reason.

Colin Thiele: Storm Boy (New Holland Publishers 2018)

Storm Boy lives with his fisherman father in the southwestern tip of Australia on a sandhill between the Coorong (roughly a coastal lagoon) and the ocean. They call it the Ninety Mile Beach. One day he finds a wounded pelican and heals it. A special relationship develops between the child and the pelican. This story also shows the senseless destruction of animals.