The shadows of the forest

The shadows of the forest

Amy Wilson: Shadows of Winterspell (Macmillan Children’s Books 2019)

Amy Wilson graduated in creative writing and finds herself very lucky to be able to live what she really likes: writing stories. She enjoyed reading from her childhood – books were the real adventure for her. She has always loved fantasy and fairy tales, but when she read The Magicians of Caprona by Diana Wynne Jones, she was determined to use her words to create worlds where anything was possible. Her works have been nominated for numerous awards. Shadows of Winterspell is her fourth book.

Stella lives on the edge of the forest, cut off from the world of both fairies and humans. She was raised bey her grandmother who is a ghost. And her parents are only distant memories. Her grandmother taught her everything she needed to know to take care of herself and hide from harmful creatures. But Stella was tired of hiding and loneliness. She decides to make friends. Real friends. And because she was never welcomed by the world of the fae, she turned to the city of people and enrolled in the school. She has no idea that what she’s been hiding from so far will find her there.

The book is like a cold, misty November morning, when it’s still half-light in the morning and the air is humid from the thawing frost. The writer creates wonderful atmosphere. If nothing happened in the novel, it would still be good to read about the forest and the landscape, but the story is also very interesting: the two worlds that coexist next to each other slowly unfold and create a mystical tale floating on the border of dream and wakefulness.

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