The reader

The reader

Anna James: Pages & Co – The Treehouse Library (HarperCollins Publishers 2022)

Every book we read leaves a trace on us.

Tilly and her friends experience unusual adventures: with the help of their imagination, they can read themselves into the books, talk to the characters and experience their story. But now they don’t get to spend time in their favorite books, because they have to protect the fantasy world (and their own world as well) from the Alchemist, who wants all the magical powers in the books and he would do anything for it. In the first three volumes, we can follow Tilly Pages, but in the fourth Milo Bolt already plays an important role, and he is the protagonist of this book. The story itself is a transition to the last, concluding volume, which will be published this September.

I bought this volume in hardcover version and I really liked the hidden references from the story in the binding. As in the previous book, Marco Guadalupi created the lovely illustrations, the atmosphere of which recalls Paola Escobar’s drawings.

The author of the story, Anna James, writes books and newspaper articles and currently lives in North London. In addition to the Pages and Co. series, a book for children was recently published, in which Hetty and her friends want to save their beloved school library (Hetty and the Battle of the Books).