The Mapmakers

The Mapmakers

Tamzin Merchant: The Mapmakers (Puffin in Penguin Ramdom House 2022)

You might have already read about The Hatmakers by Tanzin Merchant on BogiWrites. The sequel was published in English in February and I couldn’t wait to read it – I really enjoyed it.

Cordelia Hatmaker lives in the18th-century London, which is not like at all as it is in the history books. In this alternative world, magic can be used by Makers who prepare hats, capes, watches, boots, and gloves from a variety of magical materials to help people. Cordelia’s life turns upside down when she learns that her father has disappeared at sea. After that, her only goal is to find who is lost.

Spoiler ahead, but only as much as you can read in the synopsis of the book: in the sequel, Cordelia is still looking for her father, with a special map, a riddle, and a sentence to help her: “Look to the stars!”. The little girl is sure the map will lead to her father. She doesn’t know yet that she will find something completely different and that there is so much more at stake than her father’s life.

I also really liked this book. It wasn’t particularly fast paced but it was very exciting, and the writing style was very nice too. I hope that this lovely story will be published in Hungarian soon so that it can reach even more people.

In addition to her work as an actress, Tamzin Merchant has written and directed several award-winning short films. The Hatmakers was her first novel. The latter one and The Mapmakers are also decorated with the magical illustrations of Paola Escobar.