Teenage witch

Teenage witch

Emma Steinkellner: The Okay Witch (Simon & Schuster 2019)

Many thanks to Maxim Könyvkiadó for sending me the book!

I started the Halloween period in October by reading the book I got at the Bookfestival.

Moth is a 13-year-old girl who loves everything related to witches. She lives with her mother, who runs a thrift store and she doesn’t fit in at school. She has no idea that her life will change this Halloween… It turns out that witches do exist, and she even has magic herself. Her mother, on the other hand, is not as happy about this as Moth. Many other secrets from the city’s past come to light, and Moth realizes that magic is not like in the movies and books: it is much more dangerous…

The Okay Witch is a very cute story about family and how everyone is eager to belong somewhere. All this with a witchy-halloweeny background. If you want something very whimsical to read in autumn, you should definitely pick this graphic novel up.

Emma Steinkellner is the author and illustrator of The Okay Witch, graduated at Stanford University in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies, where she created, wrote and illustrated her thesis, It Gets Weird, a sci-fi sex-explanatory comic book for teenage readers… The cartoonist and writer currently lives in Los Angeles, California and works on print and webcomics with his sister, writer Kit Steinkellner. Their jointly illustrated projects include the teen romcom webcomic Aces published by Fanbase Press and the Eisner-nominated superhero coming-of-age story, Quince. Emma is the creator of the comic journal Pow Slam Sparkle.

In the sequel to The Okay Witch, Moth is getting used to her new witch’s heritage and abilities, but school life still hasn’t gotten any easier for her. Even her best friend Charlie doesn’t fully understand her. Just when she thinks the situation can’t get any worse, her mom starts dating one of the school’s dorkiest teachers! Moth uses a charm to unleash a confident, cool and extremely popular version of herself. What could possibly go wrong? The graphic novel was published in English last year and I hope that we will be able to read it in Hungarian soon.