Summer book recommendation for adults

Summer book recommendation for adults

Jane Corry: I Made a Mistake (Penguin Books 2020)

Tóth Gábor Ákos: Balatoni Futár (21. Század Kiadó 2021)

Many thanks to 21. Század Kiadó for sending me the books!

I have read two books that do not belong to the genres I usually read. If you are still looking for the right summer reading, you can find something in this post even if you love shivering thrillers or if you’d rather read a heartwarming romantic story.

Poppy Page, the protagonist of Jane Corry’s book, runs a successful casting agency while trying to balance between parenting and caring for her elderly father and between the roles of wife and a working woman. However, her life turns upside down when she meets her previous love. Poppy gets into a difficult situation and is very envious of her mother-in-law for not having to deal with such difficulties in her life. She has no idea how hard her life was … They are the narrators of the story. The psychological part of the book would stand its ground even without crime. Once you start reading, be prepared that you cannot stop!

Ákos Gábor Tóth, the author of the „Édesvízi mediterrán” (Freshwater Mediterranean*) series, once again guides us to his favorite place: the shore of Lake Balaton. However, his protagonist is far from happy about this, as he is forced into exile from Pest to the “end of the world” (as he says). His opinion will change later. As a journalist, he immerses himself in local rumors to see if he finds anything interesting. The book takes place in my favorite city, Balatonfüred, in 1895 and we can also visit the beautiful Jókai villa (which worth a visit in the summer, if you have time). The edition of the book is very beautiful, age-appropriate, as is the language of the novel. Ideal reading for the beach.

*my own translation