Starfell 4 – Willow Moss’s adventures continue

Starfell 4 – Willow Moss’s adventures continue

Dominique Valente: Starfell – Willow Moss and the Magic Thief (HarperCollins Publishers 2022)

I cannot recommend the Starfell series enough to everyone, the first volume of this is already available in Hungarian too. I got to know the series last year and it immediately became my absolute favorite. You may have read about the first three book on BogiWrites before, and I also did a mini interview with the author at the time of the Hungarian release.

Starfell is a wonderful place pervaded by magic. In addition to humans, it is populated by witches, wizards, dragons, trolls, and other wonders. Although after a war the magic almost disappeared from the world, it later returned and gave some people special abilities. However, Willow Moss was given the least special version of special abilities: she finds lost things. She doesn’t even think that Starfell’s most powerful witch needs her. Moreg Vaine asks Willow to find the lost Tuesday.

That is how Willow’s great adventure begun, in which the girl makes friends among elves, trolls, and dragons and reaches a magical forest, floating mountains, and even the realm of the undead. In this volume, she travels to the frosty Mountains of Nach with her friends to find a mythical creature there who can help defeat the wizard, Silas, who demands all the magic, threatening the whole Starfell.

I won’t tell you more about the story; if you read it, you’ll love it a lot. Compared to the previous volumes, it was a little more serious and melancholier. There was a lot of reminiscences in it and previous events were revealed. The story also explained many of the events we could read in the previous books. The main lesson of the tale (because it was a fairy tale at its best) for me is that we should not underestimate ourselves.

I would like the series to continue, but this book was an excellent conclusion to the story. In Hungarian, the second volume will be published by Maxim Publishing next year. I hope you feel like reading it. I wholeheartedly recommend it to children and adults alike!