Return to Eerie-on-Sea

Return to Eerie-on-Sea

Thomas Taylor: Shadowghast (Walker Books 2021)

October arrived at Eerie-on-Sea. Even the most determined tourists have already traveled home. On All Hallows Eve, however, local people revive a special tradition: every year at this night, those who visit the old theater at the end of the pier can enjoy a special shadow play – this is the Ghastly Night. This year, however, a real world-famous magician is coming to town to perform on the theater stage. Not long after, someone mysteriously disappears. Do the two things have anything to do with each other? Once again, Herbie, the Lost-and-Founder of the Grand Nautilus Hotel and her friend Violet have to solve the mystery. But it’s hard to see the truth among the many illusions.

Thomas Taylor’s latest book in the Legends of Eerie-on-Sea series was published in September this year, marking the end of the tourist season and the start of the autumn shiver. This story is also very atmospheric: autumn, fog, cool mornings and nights come to life in it and make the events of the book even more real. This episode was the most mysterious in the series and there were some quite scary parts in it, but the humor of the main characters made the counterbalance. Both the British and American editions are very beautiful: the covers of both were designed by George Ermos, the American edition was illustrated by Tom Booth, while within the covers of the British edition we find interesting things related to the story with the writer’s drawings.

Currently Eerie-on-Sea is safe, but who knows how long the peace will last…

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