Nándor Gion’s middle grade and young adult books

Nándor Gion’s middle grade and young adult books

Nándor Gion: Engem nem úgy hívnak (That is not my name*) (Napkút Kiadó 2021)

Nándor Gion: Postarablók (Post robbers*) (Napkút Kiadó 2021)

*My translations.

Many thanks to Napkút Kiadó for sending me these e-books!

Nándor Gion, one of the most prominent Hungarian prose writers of the end of the 20th century, was born in Srbobran, Serbia. In addition to his adult novels, the author has written several books specifically for young people. His middle grade novels take place in his hometown and its immediate surroundings. The writer tells about real life in these stories, so the novels are much more serious, not classic light and adventurous works.

The ‘Engem nem úgy hívnak’ was the winner of the tender for the enrichment of children’s literature in 1969. Summer can be felt from every line. Three young boys try to endure the heat and boredom by jumping into the water from the cargo ships anchored at the quay. One day, they meet a little girl on a ship who loves to laugh a lot and happy with everything. The novel depicts growing up and integration into the world of work through a bittersweet adolescent love.

The ‘Postarablók’ is a more cheerful middle grade crime story, where our protagonists, Margith Jani and Jász Gábor, spend their time coming up with different plans. Now, however, Margith Jani wants to implement one of the plans: he wants to rob the cashier of the post office. During the night, however, they must cope with a much more important task. The novel shows that helping each other has the real value in our life.