Nancy Drew and her friends

Nancy Drew and her friends

Carolyn Keene: Nancy Drew Diaries

Holly and Kelly Willoughby: School for Stars

Stacey Gregg: Pony Club Rivals

Many thanks to Digitanart Studio for sending me the books!

The Nancy Drew character was invented by publisher Edward Stratemeyer as a counterpart of the Hardy Boys detective series. The stories are written by a group of ghostwriters under the collective pseudonym Carolyn Keene. She first appeared in 1930 in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series, which lasted until 2003 and included 175 novels. In the meantime, the character and stories changed to suit current American tastes. In the 80s, an older and more professional Nancy appeared in the pages of the Nancy Drew Files series. In 2004, the protagonist of Nancy Drew: Girl Detective already drove an electric car and had a mobile phone. This series ended in 2012 and in 2013 the first volume of the new series Nancy Drew Diaries was published. The illustrations of the character always reflected the contemporary style.

The Nancy Drew franchise has been adapted by several media: 6 films, 3 television series, 4 television pilots, 33 video games and 2 different comic book series have been made from it. The character became popular all over the world: more than 80 million copies were sold and it was translated into 45 languages. The Nancy Drew Diaries series was written for children aged 8-12 and, like its predecessor, narrates the story in first person. Nancy solves the cases with her two best friends, her cousins Bess Marin and George Fayne.

Digitanart Studio has published several other book series for children and young adults.

Holly and Kelly Willoughby’s School for Stars series has 8 volumes, 3 of which can be read in Hungarian. The books were also adapted to a television series. Holly Willoughby is an award-winning television presenter and author. The mother of three is the author of two successful books for new mothers, and with her sister Kelly wrote the School for Stars series, in which we can follow the adventures of twin girls Maria and Molly Fitzfoster and their friend Pippa Burrows as they try to make their dreams come true. The series is for all those girls who have danced in front of a mirror, sung into their hairbrushes and longed to be real stars one day. The series is about one of the most important things in the world: friendship.

When New Zealand author Stacy Gregg was young, she wanted to do two things when she grew up: ride horses and write. Now she considers herself very, very lucky to be able to do both at the same time. The author has written 24 books so far, all of them related to horse riding. Her stories have traveled all over the world, from Arabia to Italy, Spain and Russia. She modeled one of the ponies from the Pony Club Rivals series after her own pony. In the first volume of the series, Georgie Parker must excel in auditions in order to be admitted to Blainford ‘All-Stars’ Academy, the most elite horse-riding school. In order for Georgie to realize her dream, she must also beat her friends in the competition. The series was inspired by the author’s own boarding school years.