Classics – Mary Poppins and the Cherry Tree Lane

Classics – Mary Poppins and the Cherry Tree Lane

P. L. Travers: Mary Poppins series (HarperCollins Publishers)

The Australian author modeled the figure of Mary Poppins on several people, such as her aunt and an Irish servant who lived with them when she was a child, however the most probable theory was that Pamela Lyndon Travers herself had the biggest similarities with the character. Her original name was Helen Lyndon Goff, her pen name (P. L. Travers) was chosen to disguise her gender. Although she worked as a dancer and actress, her greatest passion remained writing.

She had been thinking about the story of Mary Poppins for a long time, but eventually began writing it when she was recovering in Sussex after an illness. Eventually, she wrote six stories, which appeared in five volumes, and the best nanny received a cookbook too. In the books, we can read about how Mary Poppins visited the Banks family and how she made their lives more beautiful. For she was not like other adults, she preserved in herself all the miracles that we see and experience in our childhood we normally forget about. The stories are therefore timeless, so they can be read over and over again and can be loved by newer generations also.

The books were illustrated by Mary Shepard, whose father, E. H Shephard was the one who drew the characters in A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh.

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