Books that I would like to read in Hungarian

Books that I would like to read in Hungarian

Benjamin Read – Laura Trinder: The Midnight Hunt (Chicken House 2021)

The concluding part of The Midnight Hour Trilogy. The authors created a world frozen in the Victorian era that continues to exist in modern London. At first, Emily is just trying to find her missing parents in this strange dark, yet peculiarly homely world, but to do so, she must face a force that threatens both worlds and can only rely on her special ability in battle: she is terribly annoying. In the last act, they have to fight a decisive battle for the Midnight Hour to survive.

Jennifer Chambliss Bertman: The Book Scavenger – The Alcatraz Escape (Henry Holt & Company 2018)

The main protagonist of the trilogy, Emily, plays a game in which books can be found by solving puzzles and then hide them again (the game has been real since then). The inventor of the game, Garrison Griswold, is creating a new challenge this time: participants must escape from the Alcatraz prison. This time, Emily and her friends have to solve not only the puzzles of the game, but also an old mystery in the concluding part of the trilogy. I (also) really liked the second volume so I read the third in English, but I am looking forward to read it in Hungarian.

Dominique Valente: Starfell – Willow Moss and the Forgotten Tale (HarperCollins Publishers 2020)

The first volume of the Starfell series was published in Hungarian last year, which you can read about on the blog together with a mini-interview I did with the writer. I am really looking forward to read the second volume in Hungarian, because I really liked the translation. Almost all the magic had once been expelled from the world of Starfell but it was slowly returning and the lucky ones were given a skill. Willow has a very prosaic power: she finds lost things, but it has proved very useful to her, but now there is something wrong with her ability to work reliably so far…