Airships II

Airships II

Alex English: Sky Pirates – The Dragon’s Gold (Simon & Schuster Ltd. 2021)

Vashti Hardy: Darkwhispers (Scholastic 2020)

You’ve probably read about the first volumes of the series before on BogiWrites. I also read them one after the other, I felt the stories were similar because of the airships and the steam-punk elements.

Vashti Hardy takes her protagonists on a non-frosty journey this time: Arthur and Maudie join a rescue mission to find a missing explorer. However, they do not know what interest their greatest enemy has in the expedition. The clues lead them to the Eastern Isles, where they discover interesting tropical areas and also encounter strange creatures such as the Firebird known from the Slavic folklore. During their traveling, they also learn that on a journey of discovery, not only is it important to reach their final destination, but also what secrets they find along the way. I liked the sequel even more than the first volume. The concluding part of the story will hit UK bookstores in May this year.

The second volume of Sky Pirates was much more pirate-ish than the first one. Echo was able to leave Lockfort’s closed kingdom and join the pirates led by her mother and the world opened before her. She is now working hard to prove to her mother (and to herself) that she is a true sky pirate. However, her efforts put her and her best friend Horace in mortal danger. The novel was very nice to read, although the ending was not as cloudlessly positive as it was at the end of the first book. I am very curious about the next volume I hope it will be released this summer.

If I read the following volumes in the series, I will definitely write about them on BogiWrites.