Trouble in space

Trouble in space

Molly Brooks: Sanity and Tallulah (Little, Brown Ink 2018)

Many thanks to Maxim Könyvkiadó for sending me the book!

Sanity and Tallulah are best friends, even though they differ in many ways: Sanity is a super smart and creative girl, while Tallulah is a carefree, good-natured child. The two are good at causing trouble together. The result of Sanity’s latest experiment is a cute three-headed kitten, however, causing an even larger than usual mess when she escapes. The girls must find it before the remote Wilnick space station becomes completely chaotic.

I first liked this comic book because its illustrations are very special: they consist of only blue and red colors. The story is also very good. Science fiction in which knowledge and science play an important role, but also focuses on the girls and their families. I don’t like all comics, but this one really caught my attention with its beautiful illustrations and fast-paced story that never gets boring for a single minute. I’m already waiting for the next volume!

Molly Brooks is a freelance illustrator and comic book writer. She has created several comics and illustrations, and her works have been published in various magazines. She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, now lives and works in Brooklyn and spends her free time watching classic crime series or drawing comics about knitting and emotions. So far, three volumes of the Sanity and Tallulah series have been published in English. We will soon be able to read the second volume in Hungarian.