New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Lucie Hoornaert: La Grande et Folle Histoire des vêtements (The Great and Crazy Story of Clothing* Marmaille et compagnie 2018)

Dr. Erika Kuthy: Spanish Exercises for Every Day* (Maxim Könyvkiadó 2021)

Many thanks to Maxim Könyvkiadó for the language learning book!

This year I finally want to read in French again. I have studied the language before, but I haven’t practiced it in a long time. I hope that La Grande et Folle Histoire des vêtements by Lucie Hornaert will help me in this. I noticed the book because of Flavia Sorrentino’s illustrations, in which we can follow the history of clothing in time (from prehistoric times to the present day) and in space (in Europe and around the world). We can learn about different materials and patterns, styles and why we like to dress up. An ideal read for children and language learners, which is a work of art in itself because of the drawings.

I started learning Spanish before, but stopped due to lack of time. Now, however, I make time for it and also use the book of Maxim Kiadó, with which I get a playful task for every day. The book contains various texts, puzzles and recipes, which are associated with Spanish language learning exercises. It is also worth following the calendar, because the tasks are adapted to the seasons, anniversaries, events and holidays. (It’s perfect that I can start the book at the beginning of the year.) According to the promise of the book, by completing the tasks, you can improve your understanding of the text you read, your vocabulary, and your grammar, and with its help, you can expand your knowledge of Spanish and Latin American culture. I am looking forward to learning it!

I would like to shorten my TBR list even more, but I don’t see much of a chance to do so… However, I will try to read the books that I have already bought. And on BogiWrites, you will still be able to regularly read recommendations.

*my translations