Books in the stream – Book recommendations for kids

Books in the stream – Book recommendations for kids

Thomas Taylor: The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea series

When the first winter winds blow in, the image of Eerie-on-Sea changes. The tourists, the ice cream vendors and the colorful towels disappear. Even the locals don’t venture ashore once darkness falls. They fear local legends. Or rather from what the legends are about. Herbert Lemont was swept to this shore by the sea but has since been responsible for the objects found at the famous Grand Nautilus Hotel. However, his calm everyday life is disturbed by a girl who is lost and asks Herbie to find her family. The penultimate volume of the series will be released this September.

Astrid Lindgren: Kalle trilogy

Kalle Blomkvist is a real Master Detective. He may be feared by London bandits and Chicago thugs because he cannot be misled, he will detect all crimes. The only problem is that Kalle does not live in London or Chicago, but in a peaceful small Swedish town, Lillköping. This makes it hard for him to follow in the footsteps of his great predecessors Sherlock Holmes, Poirot or Maigret. However, (bad)luck brings a crime mystery to Kalle, which he immediately throws himself into, accompanied by his friends.

Mátyás Dunajcsik: The spectacled siren* (Kolibri Kiadó 2016)

Atlanta lives with his father in the lighthouse of Windyrock*, a tiny island at the end of the world. She watches the horizon with her binoculars all day long, and then, when the lessons on land are over, she and Kamilla – the teacher – study together via radio. The sea plays jazz songs in the meantime. One day, however, a strange visitor arrives on the island, who involves Atlanta in adventures that even the little girl’s famous sailor ancestors would be envy of. The tale was inspired by the author’s years spent in Iceland.

Nándor Fa: My Adventures Around the Earth* (Kolibri Kiadó 2018)

Nándor Fa was the first Hungarian to circumnavigate the Earth alone. Since then, he has covered this distance five times and sailed around Cape Horn five times. In the book, we can read descriptions of his adventures with his self-built boat called Spirit of Hungary. Indeed, on every page we find a special, dangerous or humorous story. For example, we can find out when was a shark seen in Cape Town, how to sail without a rudder or what life is like on a volcanic island.

*my translation