Books in the stream – Book recommendation for adults

Books in the stream – Book recommendation for adults

Michael Palin: Full Circle (BBC Worldwide 1997)

Michael Palin is an English comedian, writer and actor best known for Monty Python’s Flying Circus show and his traveling series and books, which has had a big impact on travelers around the world and has drawn so much attention to exotic destinations that the process has been named as the ‘Palin impact’. “Full Circle” was his longest adventure lasted nearly a year and he visited 18 countries.

Andrea Camilleri: Un mese con Montalbano (Thirty Short Stories, First published by Mondaddori Editore in 1998)

Inspector Salvo Montalbano is the leader of the Vigàta police station. He loves silence and delicious food. He does his job honestly and fairly and strives to satisfy both his superiors and the people he needs to protect. In this book, we can read 30 short stories, including some of the inspector’s early cases. The stories are special because the plot does not detach from the economic, social, and political context — Andrea Camilleri deliberately wanted to depict his own age.

Ernest Hemingway: The Garden of Eden (Collier Books 1987)

The novel is one of those which were published after the author’s death. The book was compiled by the author’s American publisher from a 1,200-page continuous manuscript and another 700 pages of fragments. The story discusses one of the important issues of Hemingway’s life, the male-female relationship. However, the explanation of the topic is unusual. The young writer David Bourne and his wife spend their honeymoon in France and southern Spain. Everything is going well until the Serpent appears in the Garden of Eden: another woman. However, the ending is unusual: the three people fall in love with each other.

Thor Heyerdahl: The Kon-Tiki Expedition (First published in 1948)

The well-known scientist and traveler Thor Heyerdahl wanted to prove that the settlement of Polynesia could have started from the South American continent. Based on old drawings, they built a balsa-wood raft so that they could make the trip under conditions similar to the old ones. In 1947, he set off with five companions from Callao, Peru, and reached the coral reef surrounding the Raroia Islands in three and a half months. The book is the story of this journey.