The Last Sheep

The Last Sheep

Ulrich Hub: The Last Sheep (Das letzte Schaf, Carlsen Verlag 2018)

Ulrich Hub’s book is one of the winners of the Children’s Book of the Year Award in 2021 in Hungary. Every year, the HUBBY – Hungarian Children’s Book Forum selects books published in the previous year and they have already announced winners in seven categories.

Ulrich Hub is a German writer, actor, director and screenwriter. He became world-famous with his first book, Meet at the Ark at Eight! and won prestigious awards in Germany, France, The Netherlands and Italy.

Jörg Mühle was born in Germany but studied to be an illustrator in France. He has been working as a freelance illustrator in Frankfurt since 2000 and his drawings are published by many children’s book publishers and newspapers.

The story of The Last Sheep begins on the very first Christmas Eve, the day of Jesus’ birth. It is not enough that a bright star awakens the sheep from their sleep, they are shocked to find that their shepherds have disappeared. As they have been asleep on the arrival of the heavenly messenger, they learn the good news from a goat: a child was born in a nearby barn who will save the world when he grows up. The enthusiastic lambs set off immediately so that they too can see the little girl (!), because surely the child is a girl. However, a night trip is more dangerous than they might think, but most importantly, the flock needs to stay together.

A very cute retelling of the birth of Jesus, with many modern references to society and the meaning of Christmas today. I recommend this book to children and adults alike, which is also perfect for an evening reading.

Merry Christmas for Everyone!