Aisling Fowler: Fireborn – Twelve and the Frozen Forest (HarperCollins Publishers 2021)

Many thanks to Maxim Könyvkiadó for sending me the book!

Could you give up your past, your family and your name in order to serve one purpose throughout your entire life: to fight against injustice and evil? Twelve gave up everything. Almost everything… She lives in the Hunting Lodge to learn to fight, earn a new name and protect the seven clans. However, her real goal is the revenge for her lost family. Moreover, even though students can’t be friends, she stands up for one of her companions and tracks her down when she’s kidnapped. However, she has no idea that there are much bigger forces at work in the background than she could imagine.

The snowy, icy, freezing landscape gives the atmosphere of the story, however, there is also fire under the surface. The name of this land is Ember. At first, Twelve seems unbearable, but later we grow to understand her goals and come to love her perseverance with which she protects her new family. For me, the most important message of the book was to not judge hastily and to stand up for our friends.

Aisling Fowler is a British middle grade author. She was born and spent her childhood in Surrey, but in her imagination, she lived in a magical, mountainous kingdom. Although she has a BSc in Biology and has worked as a nurse, currently, when she is not writing, she is reading and dreaming about new adventures for herself and her fictional characters. Fireborn is her debut novel, the sequel has already been published and the third volume will be released this year.