Daughter of the Seas

Daughter of the Seas

Anna Rainbow and Oli Hyatt: Antigua de Fortune of the High Seas (Chicken House 2021)

Haven is a part of the Fortune Islands, which is true to its name, a perfect place for fishermen and traders. According to an old legend, the Pirate King once, hundreds of years ago, cursed the island and kidnapped the boys on the night of the Bloodmoon in order to create his all-victorious army from them. However, his plan was foiled by the sea creatures: they defeated the Pirate King, but the boys disappeared forever. The story is now just a fairy tale, no one knows if it had any truth in it, but peace was never restored between humans and sea creatures.

This year, for the first time in fifty years, there will be a Bloodmoon and Tiggy must prepare for the celebration instead of watching the sea from the harbor. She always felt that the ocean was in her blood, but her parents didn’t let her near it. However, on the night of the ball, a magician descends on the island and kidnaps the boys, including Tiggy’s younger brother and her best friend Marina’s older brother. The girls track down the mage with the help of the local ‘retired’ pirates. In their mission, they are helped by a mermaid, Clara, who is also captured by the mage. The story is very exciting and recommended for children over 14 years old. During their journey, the protagonists learn the truth not only about the magician, but also about themselves.

Anna Rainbow (actually Anna Day) grew up and still lives in the North East of England, working as a clinical psychologist helping people with disabilities. Anna loves music and has always been in various choirs, vocal quartets and orchestras. In 2015, she was shortlisted for the Times/Chicken House children’s book competition, which resulted in Chicken House publishing The Fandom, a series for young adults. ‘Antigua’ is her debut middle grade novel, for which she uses her partner’s lovely last name (Rainbow).

Oli Hyatt lives in Kings Sutton and co-founded the BAFTA award-winning animation studio Blue Zoo. He received several awards for his achievements in the field of animation. This book is his debut novel, as well as the first book of the co-authors.