City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts

Victoria Schwab: City of Ghosts (Scholastic 2018) 

Victoria Schwab: Tunnel of Bones (Scholastic 2019) 

Victoria Schwab: Bridge of Souls (Scholastic 2021) 

Victoria (V. E.) Schwab has written several successful books for adults and young adults, including the Shades of Magic trilogy and the Monsters of Verity duology, as well as The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. The trilogy about Cassidy Blake is her first middle grade series. 

Cassidy Blake’s parents are a successful pair of authors who write investigative books about ghosts (The Inspecters – it’s a play on words: “inspector” is a person who searches for or examines something, and “specter,” which is another term for a ghost). They don’t really see the ghosts, but Cassidy does. Her best friend is also a ghost. People are usually afraid of the dark, but Cassidy knows that night is no more haunted than the day and the day is no less haunted than the night. 

Cassidy is really looking forward to the summer break as they finally go to the beach where she hopes to meet fewer ghosts than usual, but her parents get a great opportunity: they can make a TV show based on their books and visit the most haunted places of the world. The first episode in the series is Edinburgh, the City of Ghosts. Here, Cassidy experiences that not every ghost is as friendly as her friend Jacob. 

The books are very interesting and exciting, and although there are scary parts, these are offset by the depiction of the special relationship between Cassidy and Jacob. I gladly recommend it to children and adults alike. Perfect reading for the gloomy autumn time. 

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