Books that make you wants to read more books

Books that make you wants to read more books

Anna James: Pages & Co. – Tilly and the Bookwanderers (HarperCollins Publishers 2018)

Nick Hornby: Ten Years in the Tub (Believer Books McSweeneys 2014)

I only finished Anna James’ (writer-journalist) book a day ago. What I liked best was not the story, but its atmosphere. It was a book I didn’t want to read quickly to last as long as possible. And from the bookstore and the descriptions of the books, I became even more interested in reading: the sequel and other books as well. Three volumes of the series have already been published in English.

This book reminded me of Nick Hornby’s Teen Years in the Tub, which consists of articles published in Believer magazine. The first part (The Complete Polysyllabic Spree) was published in Hungarian, and the entire collection containing all articles was published in English in 2014. I read The Complete Polysyllabic Spree back in 2019 in my Nick Hornby era and this is one of my favorite books from him. It’s a great way to show how one book leads to another as a chain of connection between topic and meaning. After this book, I’ve started writing down the books like Nick Hornby.

Although they do not resemble each other, what common in these two books is that you want to read more and more books immediately.