Classics and contemporary

Classics and contemporary

Lily King: Writers & Loves (Grove/Atantic Inc. 2020)

Sally Rooney: Beautiful World, Where Are You (Faber & Faber 2021)

21. Század Kiadó Magazine

Many thanks to 21. Század Kiadó for sending me the books and the magazine!

The Magazine is published for the second time. We can receive it as a gift with our purchase. Its special feature is that it includes a novel by Hemingway that has not yet been published in Hungarian. Seán Hemingway, the writer’s grandson, came across the short story when he was preparing the new edition of The Old Man and the Sea. The short story is one of the few that was not published in the writer’s lifetime, but it is imbued with the unadulterated Hemingway feeling: the pursuit of perfection and happiness.

In the magazine, we can read an interview with the author of The Binding, Bridget Collins, we can find out how to organize a real Harry Potter themed party and what is the secret of easy and fun chicklit. We can also see some recipes from the Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook and read about contemporary Hungarian writers and their books. The recommendation of the book about the founding of the Douglas perfumery was also very interesting. The book is written by co-authors Eva-maria Bast and Jorn Precht under the pen name Charlotte Jacobi, who already have experience in historical subjects. Those who are looking for a Christmas present will also get help, because they will also find thematic book recommendations in the magazine, and what I really liked is that in addition to the articles, there is also a QR code where you can access even more content. I really liked the magazine and it made me want to read Lucy Foley’s books.

My two books, to which I got the magazine attached were Writers & Loves by Lily King and  Beautifil World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney.

I have to admit that the cover of Lily King’s book was what first caught my eye: it has now been published in a special edition with sprayed edges by 21. Szazad Kiadó. The story centers on Casey, who returns to Massachusetts after a family tragedy and works as a waitress while trying to finish the novel she’s been working on for six years. Her life is also complicated by the two men she meets and is thus faced with a choice.

Sally Rooney is considered the new Salinger and I couldn’t pass on her. Beautiful World, Where Are You is the author’s third novel, in which we can follow four young people as they try to navigate the world and, like all of us, looking for happiness. Can they find it? It is now also published in paperback.

I am very curious about both two books and will definitely write about them on BogiWrites.