Polarthon TBR

Polarthon TBR

Polarthon is a weeklong readathon (February 7-13) where we read polar fantasy books. This year, I would like to read these ones:

Vashti Hardy: Darkwhispers (Scholastic 2020)

You may have already read about the story of the Brightstorm twins earlier on BogiWrites. Maudie and Arthur are now visiting the hitherto almost undiscovered Eastern Isles with their airship, the Aurora, to find a missing explorer. Their worst enemy also would like to find the man, but no one knows why… Vashti Hardy’s steampunk novels have been nominated for numerous awards. The final volume of the trilogy will be published in May under the title Firesong.

Kiran Millwood Hargrave: The Way Past Winter (Chicken House 2018)

In this story, Mila lives with her family in a frozen forest and one day wakes up to find that her brother and all the boys in the village have disappeared except one. Mila and Rune, the mage, follow the stranger who is probably responsible for the disappearances. Their extraordinary journey leads through snow-capped mountains to reach the farthest corner of the frozen North. I think it will be a perfect winter reading.

Lisa Lueddecke: The City of Lost Dreamers (Scholastic 2021)

Siya’s city is cursed. It is afflicted to wander forever. However, the girl finds a mysterious map that could be the key to finally reuniting her city with the rest of the world. Siya joins forces with her biggest enemy to unravel the secret of the map. Lisa Lueddecke has always loved to travel and has lived in four countries so far. Her novels often contain elements of folk tales, this book is based on Slavic folklore.

Jessica Miller: The Republic of Birds (The Text Publishing Company 2020)

Before the War in the Skies, humans and birds lived in peace in Tsaretsvo. The birds nestled in the trees and bathed in the water of the fountains in the summer heat. Everything was fine until the Tsarina ordered that all parts of the empire must be mapped. Our story begins with the exile of Olga and her family to the outskirts, where the Tsar’s realm borders with the Birds. Jessica Miller is an Australian writer currently living in Berlin. Her book is based on the Slavic world.