Magician School at Óbuda

Magician School at Óbuda

András Petőcz: Óbudai Mágusképző (Magician School at Óbuda*)(Napkút Kiadó 2016)

Many thanks to Napkút Kiadó for sending me the book!

The School of Magic and Magician Training (in short: Magician School) is not only special in its name: here, in addition to the usual subjects (mathematics, history, literature, etc.), special subjects such as invisibility, magic or football were taught (because in addition to magic and sorcery, football also plays an important role in the story).

András Petőcz has written novels and poems for children and adults alike. He has dealt with magicians before, and in this middle grade novel we can read three stories about magic. Our protagonist, Antal Tajtékos, goes through wonderful adventures on the border of magic and reality. The novel was based on the writer’s own school experiences, so some of his characters, such as Tibi Hanzély and a teacher Bagyula, exist.

The story is an exciting, humorous, full-blown Hungarian magic story, in which everyone can recognize their childhood daydreams, the atmosphere of school and competitions. It’s not like Harry Potter, because that is just a fairy tale. Or is it…? I don’t know anymore.

The book can be purchased on the website of Napkút Kiadó.

*my translation