Falvia Sorrentino Readathon Wrap-Up

Falvia Sorrentino Readathon Wrap-Up

Sylvia Bishop: The Midnight Thief (Scholastic 2021)

Cerrie Burnell: Wilder Than Midnight (Puffin Books 2022)

Molly Brooks: Sanity and Tallulah (Little, Brown Ink 2018)

Justyn Edwards: The Great Fox Illusion (Walker Books 2022)

Justyn Edwards: The Great Fox Heist (Walker Books 2023)

Ally Carter: Winterborne Home for Mayhem and Mystery (Orchard Books 2021)

The Flavia Sorrentino Readathon was the second book challenge I organized as part of BogiWrites. It was inspired by my favorite illustrator, whose books I have read before. I was so taken by her style that I looked for the works she illustrated. In doing so, I also got to know many new-to-me authors, from whom I read other books later.

During the Readathon, I read six books, five of which were illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino, and the sixth was written and drawn by another talented illustrator, Molly Brooks. The latter one is a comic book about the adventure of Sanity and Tallulah that caught my attention because of the drawings which were made only in shades of red and blue. I really liked the story and I’m looking forward to the sequel, which is expected to arrive this year. My favorite book of the Readathon was The Midnight Thief because the story was very nice. It also included a boarding school, which is always a hit for me, but I also loved the character of the main protagonist, Freya, and the style of the storytelling was also incredible, with the interspersed chapters about the environment. Wilder than Midnight dealt with another favorite topic of mine: fairy tales. It was very interesting to see how the stories intertwine and form one big tale. Justyn Edwards’ magicians aim to amaze the audience. They managed to dazzle me, but unfortunately the sequel will not come until next year… I liked the story of the residents of the Winterborne Home so far and the sequel, although it was different in atmosphere, was still very unputdownable.

I hope you also read a lot of good books this month!